My new stand-up album & feature length stand-up performance movie

will be out later this year. It will be called “America Is the Greatest Country in the United States”. I do shows nightly in NYC. Mostly at the Comedy Cellar. Check their website for details. When I’m in NYC, I usually do multiple shows a night, and each set I do is about 15 minutes. But in October & November I’m also doing 4 headlining sets in NYC in Manhattan & Brooklyn where I will be doing 70 minute sets.
Here are those dates:

Tues 10/25 830pm upstairs lounge at Village Underground.
Tickets only $5 at

Wed 11/9 10pm Village Underground
Tickets at

Fri 11/11 8pm Union Hall in Brooklyn
Tickets or at door.

Thur 11/17 10pm Union Hall in Brooklyn
Tickets or at door.

Plus I will be doing a 45 minute set in Queens at The Creek and Cave
on Wed 11/2 at 10pm.


Thur 11/17 10pm Brooklyn NY Headlining Show Thur Nov 17 10pm

I was recently a guest on a new show on Fusion network called The
Young Turks on Fusion. Here is a clip of me answering describing the voters’ dilemma if there
only voting choices were Clinton & Trump.

Judah discusses his book IF THE RAINDROPS UNITED on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Watch the World Champ vs. Trump – Soccer Edition

Watch the World Champion vs. Trump – Ping Pong Edition

Watch “America is #1”

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.51.50 PM

Here’s a new stand-up video about the Supreme Court Vacancy

Here’s a new stand-up video where talk about #OscarsSoWhite

New Stand-Up Video from The World Champ

I will have a stand-up movie and album out later this year called
America Is the Greatest Country in the United States*. Here is a some
footage of me doing stand-up. This material will be in the new movie
and album. But for the movie & album, I will use a recording from
another show. I decided to share with you some of the material now
since some of it is timely.

*”America is the Greatest Country in the United States” is also a joke
from my act. I will probalby have this be the title of my new stand-up
movie & album, but I might choose a different name – but I will still
do the joke in my act.

New book IF THE RAINDROPS UNITED in book stores NOW!

Hardback. 208 pages. 5.9 x 0.9 x 8.3 inches. Publisher: Hachette Books.

Hi. The past couple years I’ve been working hard on my new book IF THE RAINDROPS UNITED. It is a 208 page hardback book of drawings and cartoons that I made. “Why a book of drawings?” you ask. Well, I started stand-up when I was 19. But I’ve been drawing since I was kid. And the past couple years I did a lot of drawings. In the book, most of the drawings are comedy. But some are serious and dark satire –dealing with issues of racism, sexism, classism, fascism, government corruption, and many other issues. But like I said, it’s mostly comedy.

For much of October & November I will be doing special stand-up shows where the ticket includes the show and the book! Also in October & November I will be doing book store events. Each book store appearance will include a talk, a Q&A, and a book signing.

Click IF THE RAINDROPS UNITED on this website for more info and a preview of the book.

Judah Friedlander on Christopher Columbus Day

Judah Friedlander on Christopher Columbus Day 8/10/15 from Judah Friedlander on Vimeo.

The World Champion in the Capitol — Nov 3 at DC Improv

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Washington DC Stand-up Show & You Get My New Book “If the Raindrops United” for free!


The World Champion in Boston!

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Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

wethotfirstdayJuly 31 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp premieres on Neflix streaming all 8 episodes. I reprise my role of Ron Von Kleinenstein and will be in about 3 episodes.





nerdistlogo Check out what has to say about my book.


The World Champion Takes Over D.C. – April 16th-19th!


New Video for MLS Soccer/Futbol Fans

Watch The World Champ Judah Friedlander and the Soccer God Nando Vila in this new commercial made for MLS/Unimas/Univision.

You can watch it here or on

Click here for tickets!


Valentine’s Night with The World Champion!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the World Champion!


The World Champ Stand-Up Comedy Tour
Every night. Every city.








Judah only headlines Caroline’s one weekend a year.
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Book Signing! How To Beat Up Anybody
Book signing and meet & greet at #Comicon #SDCC upstairs Autograph Area Table 21. Free Stickers! No charge to take a photo! No charge to sign!

Download the hi-res version of my comic book here!


Due to circumstances out of my control, all of my shows at American Comedy Company are cancelled. Love you, San Diego! I will make it up to you in the future!


The World Champion gives a soccer demonstration

The World Champion is coming to Winnipeg!

Watch Judah Friedlander, The World Champion, LIVE!


The World Champion’s Mid-Air Sky Jump!
See the World Champ in Harrisburg, PA on Oct. 18-19th!
2nd Street Comedy Club – 2 Shows Each Night

Check out Judah’s new comic strip! Download it now before anyone at Comic Con! (click to enlarge)

Judah featured in AM New York!



Judah Featured in The New York Times

American Splendor – Toby Radloff (Judah Friedlander)

Judah Friedlander plays Toby Radloff in a scene from American Splendor.