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Shows are at least 90 minutes & are often 2 to 2 1/2 hours. They usually feature 1 or 2 comics who go on before me & do 10 minutes each – and then I go on and do at least 70 minutes – often 2 hours. The shows are interactive, you can choose to have your camera & mic on so that you can participate in the show & see & hear other audience members in addition to seeing and hearing the performers.

Saturday April 1 8pm ET/5pm PT https://bit.ly/42Q0wFC

Saturday March 25 8pm ET/5pm PT https://bit.ly/3K6EDu0

Saturday March 18 8pm ET/5pm PT https://bit.ly/401XU5c

Saturday March 11 8pm ET/5pm PT https://bit.ly/3yNPp2d

SATURDAY JANUARY 28 9PM ET/6PM PT https://bit.ly/3WK3lDP

SATURDAY JANUARY 21 9PM ET/6PM PT https://bit.ly/3GLTUgY



Saturday December 31 New Year’s Eve 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3CbJg1L

Saturday December 17 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3HB2a5N

Saturday November 12 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3fOU9yA

Sunday October 30 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3gXSZRG


Friday October 21 3pm NYC/ 8pm UK/ 21:00 CET/ 22:00 EET https://bit.ly/3eEvmMY

Saturday October 22 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3gkmg8w

Saturday October 15. 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3MxNSDq

Saturday October 8 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3Mfwenw

Friday September 30 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3LRQmw2

Sunday September 18 8pm ET/5pm PT https://bit.ly/3QS47vm

Friday September 9 3pm ET/8pm UK/2100 CET/2200 EET https://bit.ly/3BljiJe

Saturday September 10 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3eonzlX

Saturday September 3 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3wgZYtG

Friday August 5 3pm ET/8pm UK/2100 CET/2200 EET https://bit.ly/3OSkKWV

Saturday August 6 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3vx7TTe

Saturday July 30 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3oBb9Jg

Friday July 22 DAYTIME USA/NIGHTTIME EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST 12pm PT/3pm ET/8pm UK/2100 CET/2200 EET https://bit.ly/3zdJ15b

Friday July 15 3pm ET/8pm UK/2100 CET/2200 EET https://bit.ly/3o0dr4h

Saturday July 16 9pm ET/6pm https://bit.ly/3ywZmjR

Saturday July 9 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3uxHEeL

Saturday July 2 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3njCOOa

Friday June 24 12pm PT/ 3pm ET/ 8pm UK/ 2100 CET/ 2200 EET. Daytime for the Americas. Nighttime for Europe & Middle East https://bit.ly/3bfmmvH

Saturday June 25 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3ydbw2n

Saturday June 18 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3b5BCeC

Friday June 10 12pm PT/ 3pm ET/ 8pm UK/ 2100 CET/ 2200 EET. Daytime for the Americas. Nighttime for Europe & Middle East. https://bit.ly/3GPASG8

Saturday June 11 9pm ET/ 6pm PT https://bit.ly/3thYDkC

Friday June 3rd 3pm NYC/ 8pm UK/ 2100 CET/ 2200 EET


Saturday June 4th 9pm ET/6pm PT


Saturday May 28 9pm ET. 6pm PT https://bit.ly/3yP8u57

Friday May 13 3pm NYC/ 8pm UK/ 2100 CET/ 2200 EET https://bit.ly/3w39aSP

Saturday May 14 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3w24cFK

Saturday May 7 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3vLJeej

Saturday April 30 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3vlSp4B

Friday April 22 3pm NYC/8pm UK/2100 Berlin/2200 Palestine https://bit.ly/3rE1p2N

Saturday April 23 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3jQ8itM

Saturday March April 16 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3Of1ZO6

Saturday March 26 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3quJwTM

Saturday March 12 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/35RWPpV

Saturday Feb 26 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3hj9zIk

Saturday Feb 19 9pm ET/6pm. http://bit.ly/3GSkCTe

Friday February 11 3pm NYC/8pm UK/2100 Berlin/2200 Palestine https://bit.ly/3B65rof

Saturday February 12 9pm ET.6pm PT https://bit.ly/34FpXQj

Saturday January 29 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3fMSqpZ

Friday Jan 7 3pm NYC/8pm UK/2100 Berlin/2200 Palestine https://bit.ly/3pL35an

Saturday Jan 8 6pm PT/9pm ET https://bit.ly/3znfx3o

Thursday Dec 30 3pm NYC. 8pm UK. 2100 Berlin. 2200 Palestine https://bit.ly/3znQEVj

Friday Dec 31 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3z3YVNE

Saturday Jan 1 9pm ET/6pm PT https://bit.ly/3zhSaIx

Thursday Dec 23 3pm NYC/8pm UK/21:00 Berlin/22:00 Palestine Livestream Stand-up Show https://bit.ly/3sivqGy

Sunday Dec 26 9pm ET/6pm PT Livestream Stand-up Show https://bit.ly/3EeuXaR

Friday Dec 17 3pm NYC/8pm UK/21:00Berlin/22:00 Palestine Livestream Stand-up Show


Saturday Dec 18 9pm ET/6pm PT Livestream Stand-up Show


Saturday December 4th 9pm ET/6pm PT


Friday December 10 3pm NYC/8pm UK/2100 Berlin/2200 Palestine


Shows are at least 70 minutes. Jokes. Crowd work. Interactive. Pay-what-you-want.

I’m currently producing my own stand-up shows every week. Usually one during the day for USA & the Americas so that it’s nighttime for Europe & the Middle East. Then two at nighttime for USA. I do about a 70-90 minute set on every show. I usually have 2 to 3 comics go on before me who do about 10 minutes each. The shows are pay-what-you-want. The shows are interactive. As an audience member, you will see & hear me, and you have the option to be seen & heard by me, and you also have the option to be seen & heard by other audience members (this is similar to sitting in the front row of a performance venue). You also have the option to watch the show but be invisible to me & other audience members (this is similar to the experience of sitting in the back of a performance venue). These shows are on Zoom. You do not need to have a Zoom account go watch the show. The tickets (which are pay-what-you-want) are done on Eventbrite. You do not need an Eventbrite account to get a ticket.

I probably have over 4 hours of new material since my stand-up film “America Is the Greatest Country In the United States” and am constantly coming up with new material. I also do a lot of crowd work on these shows and come up with new material on the spot as well.

https://bit.ly/362jNHD July 1 Thursday 12pm PT/3pm ET/8pm UK/21:00 Berlin/22:00 Palestine.

https://bit.ly/3A8WXfe July 2 Friday 6pm PT/9pm ET

https://bit.ly/35V3uMK July 3 Saturday 7pm PT/10pm ET

Saturday June 12 9pm ET https://bit.ly/3wd32EZ Tickets are pay-what-you-want.

Saturday June 26 9pm ET https://www.tickettailor.com/events/nowherecomedy/532991 This show is presented by Nowhere Comedy. Tickets start at $5.

Friday May 28 9pm EST https://bit.ly/3bZG4Jt

Monday May 31 10pm EST https://bit.ly/3yKBwjY

Friday June 4 3pm NYC/8pm UK/21:00 Berlin/22:00 Palestine https://bit.ly/3uwqLhZ

Saturday June 5 9pm EST https://bit.ly/34sYNcg

Friday May 14th 9pm EST https://bit.ly/3eCy5DR

Monday May 17 12pm Seattle/ 3pm NYC/ 8pm UK/ 21:00 Berlin/ 22:00 Palestine https://bit.ly/3bH1GdF

Tuesday May 18th 6pm PST/ 9pm EST This show is presented by Nowhere Comedy & tickets start at $5. https://bit.ly/33zKy56

Saturday May 1st 9pm EST
Tickets are pay-what-you-want

Tuesday April 27 3pm NYC/8pm UK/21:00 Berlin/22:00 Palestine

Friday April 23 10pm EST
Tickets are pay-what-you-want

Thursday April 22  3pm NYC/8pm UK/21:00 Berlin/22:00 Palestine
Tickets are pay-what-you-want

Saturday April 17  9pm NYC/22:00 Buenos Aires

Thursday April 16  3pm NYC/8pm UK/21:00 Berlin/22:00 Palestine

Thursday April 8th
12pm LA/3pm NYC/8pm UK/21:00 Europe/22:00 Palestine
Featuring Wendy Liebman and Drew Beekler.
Tickets are pay-what-you-want

Friday April 9th
9pm EST
Featuring Carmen Morales, Laurie Kilmartin and Kristee Ono. 
Tickets are pay-what-you-want

Saturday April 10th
9pm EST
Featuring Debra DiGiovanni, Rick Overton and Kristee Ono.
Tickets are pay-what-you-want 

Friday April 16th
9pm EST
This show is produced by Nowhere Comedy

Get your streaming tickets here!

Get your tickets HERE!

Trailer: America Is the Greatest Country In the United States

Judah on the Corona Virus

Should Billionares Exist?

Watch the World Champion vs. Trump – Ping Pong Edition

Watch “America is #1”

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.51.50 PM

Here’s a new stand-up video about the Supreme Court Vacancy


Hardback. 208 pages. 5.9 x 0.9 x 8.3 inches. Publisher: Hachette Books.

Hi. The past couple years I’ve been working hard on my new book IF THE RAINDROPS UNITED. It is a 208 page hardback book of drawings and cartoons that I made. “Why a book of drawings?” you ask. Well, I started stand-up when I was 19. But I’ve been drawing since I was kid. And the past couple years I did a lot of drawings. In the book, most of the drawings are comedy. But some are serious and dark satire –dealing with issues of racism, sexism, classism, fascism, government corruption, and many other issues. But like I said, it’s mostly comedy.

For much of October & November I will be doing special stand-up shows where the ticket includes the show and the book! Also in October & November I will be doing book store events. Each book store appearance will include a talk, a Q&A, and a book signing.

Click IF THE RAINDROPS UNITED on this website for more info and a preview of the book.

Judah Friedlander on Christopher Columbus Day

Judah Friedlander on Christopher Columbus Day 8/10/15 from Judah Friedlander on Vimeo.

New Video for MLS Soccer/Futbol Fans

Watch The World Champ Judah Friedlander and the Soccer God Nando Vila in this new commercial made for MLS/Unimas/Univision.

You can watch it here or on mlssoccer.com/sap

How To Beat Up Anybody


The World Champion gives a soccer demonstration


 Judah Featured in The New York Times

American Splendor – Toby Radloff (Judah Friedlander)

Judah Friedlander plays Toby Radloff in a scene from American Splendor.