The World Champion, Judah Friedlander


Thursday April 8th
12pm LA/3pm NYC/8pm UK/21:00 Europe/22:00 Palestine
Featuring Wendy Liebman and Drew Beekler.
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Friday April 9th
9pm EST
Featuring Carmen Morales, Laurie Kilmartin and Kristee Ono. 
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Saturday April 10th
9pm EST
Featuring Debra DiGiovanni, Rick Overton and Kristee Ono.
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Friday April 16th
9pm EST
This show is produced by Nowhere Comedy

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Trailer: America Is the Greatest Country In the United States

Judah on the Corona Virus

Should Billionares Exist?

Watch the World Champion vs. Trump – Ping Pong Edition

Watch “America is #1”

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Here’s a new stand-up video about the Supreme Court Vacancy


Hardback. 208 pages. 5.9 x 0.9 x 8.3 inches. Publisher: Hachette Books.

Hi. The past couple years I’ve been working hard on my new book IF THE RAINDROPS UNITED. It is a 208 page hardback book of drawings and cartoons that I made. “Why a book of drawings?” you ask. Well, I started stand-up when I was 19. But I’ve been drawing since I was kid. And the past couple years I did a lot of drawings. In the book, most of the drawings are comedy. But some are serious and dark satire –dealing with issues of racism, sexism, classism, fascism, government corruption, and many other issues. But like I said, it’s mostly comedy.

For much of October & November I will be doing special stand-up shows where the ticket includes the show and the book! Also in October & November I will be doing book store events. Each book store appearance will include a talk, a Q&A, and a book signing.

Click IF THE RAINDROPS UNITED on this website for more info and a preview of the book.

Judah Friedlander on Christopher Columbus Day

Judah Friedlander on Christopher Columbus Day 8/10/15 from Judah Friedlander on Vimeo.

New Video for MLS Soccer/Futbol Fans

Watch The World Champ Judah Friedlander and the Soccer God Nando Vila in this new commercial made for MLS/Unimas/Univision.

You can watch it here or on

How To Beat Up Anybody


The World Champion gives a soccer demonstration


 Judah Featured in The New York Times

American Splendor – Toby Radloff (Judah Friedlander)

Judah Friedlander plays Toby Radloff in a scene from American Splendor.