Mike Bocchetti, the best journalist in Staten Island, is now the exclusive news reporter for The World Champion Judah Friedlander . He has breaking news about The World Champion’s 2012 stand-up tour schedule.

Judah Friedlander – American Splendor

Judah Friedlander plays Toby Radloff in a scene from American Splendor.

Judah Friedlander on QTV
American actor/comedian, Judah Friedlander gives us the fine details on his new self defense book and why he’s banned from the Olympics.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Judah Friedlander
In “How to Beat Up Anybody,” Judah Friedlander demonstrates an air attack on Bigfoot and explains why everyone needs to levitate. Click the image below to view the entire interview!

Huffington Post – 07/07/09

Judah Friedlander Is The World’s Best Ping Pong Player

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